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Joining Poulton Cricket Club


Poulton Cricket Club is always on the look out for new players of all abilities and ages. We have ambitous growth and development plans and recognise that having a large playing base will help achieve these as well as drive the social aspect of the club, reducing costs and enabling a wider cricket offering. 

In the 2022 Season, we will make use of Instagram - @PoultonCricket, Twitter - @poultoncc and Our Group Facebook Page - Poulton Cricket Club for information. Please give these accounts a follow if you can but posts on Instagram and Twitter will also be pulled through onto the Homepage. 

We play at two grounds - Englands in Poulton and at the Ampney Crucis Cricket ground. We offer coaching to all ages and abilities. We have new nets installed in the early summer 2021 at Englands and offer training for the various squads on at least one evening a year. 

The process for joining the club is broadly the same for both Juniors & Seniors. Seniors are defined as those who have left school and are more than 18 years old but do ask if in any doubt as to which form to fill or membership to go for. 

  1. To encourage new players to come an experience the club for the first time, we offer a discounted first open age game fee of £5 split between £2.50 to cover you for playing insurance and £2.50 towards any tea money charged. Thereafter, we expect full membership fees to be paid. Details of new memberships can be found by clicking on the relevant buttons to the right. 
  2. Potential new players are welcome at any training or nets sessions and players or parents of players are encouraged to email the club secretary HERE in the first instance for details of the correct sessions to join. 
  3. To Join the Club, we will need 
    • A senior or junior membership form fiiled out. These are available  to the right of this page. 
    • Membership Fees will need to be paid. So please select the membership you would like and whether you would like to pay in installments or not and email our Treasurer HERE. If you wish to pick a squad number for your shirt, please pick it from the available list and include this in the email to reserve it. 
    • Your existing play-cricket account to be transferred to us or a new one created and registered with the ECB Play-Cricket site. Clicking on the Play-Cricket box will take you to a registration page to guide you in setting up a new account. There are also other guides there for adding children and moving your registration. Sadly we cannot do this for you. 
  4. Once Membership fees are paid or installments subscribed to, you will be sent an inivitation to join the 'Spond' app which contains all relevant events both playing and social for the season. 


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