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2024 Poulton Officials


The following positions are directly elected by the membership at the AGM with others not listed here appointed by the committee as required. All roles can have their responsibilities altered by the elected committee should that be deemed necessary to help those taking the positions.


President - David Dunn

Chair - Will Bathurst

  • To attend committee meetings whenever possible
  • Supports the Chairperson
  • Plays key role in special projects and funding. 
  • Assists the committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole club including disciplinary matters
  • Attendance at external meetings as determined by the Club Committee
  • Build body of Vice Presidents for fundraising purposes
  • Where applicable, works towards all objectives in club development plan. 
  • Chairs committee meetings and AGM & assists the Club Secretary to produce agendas.
  • Leads the committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole club including disciplinary matters
  • Maintains an unbiased viewpoint allowing free discussion to take place
  • Has the casting vote to resolve club concerns
  • Develops, implements and revises annually the club development plan with committee as a whole
  • Promotes club representation at County, Regional and National levels
  • Be a strong and decisive leader who can be objective in support of the Secretary, ensures meeting action points are progressed 
  • Representative for the club at partner meetings, such as County Association or Cricket Development Groups
  • Ensures the club maintains ECB club mark accreditation status

Secretary - Rob Ireland

Treasurer - Steven Willard

  • Attends and take minutes at committee meetings and distributes these to whole club
  • Acts as the first point of contact for the club
  • Principal administrator for the club, dealing with all club correspondence, distributing to relevant officers for response where required
  • Sends out AGM calling notice and any associated documentation
  • Sends out any club notices as and when needed
  • Liaison for the cricket leagues and secondary contact for cup competitions
  • Provides support to the Club Chairperson
  • Works alongside the Treasurer, as second account signatory, 
  • Ensures all affiliation/registration documents are accurate and are paid on time 
  • Ensures all members have access to club documentation and club officers as required
  • Attends county and league meetings as appropriate
  • Organises the club AGM and other formal club meetings, being sure to invite PFAC trustees and President. 
  • Attends committee meetings
  • Prepares budgets, forecasts & accounts as required for meetings, AGM & Audit
  • Keeps accurate accounts and records exist regarding the club's financial transactions, including accurate and up-to-date records of all income and expenditure
  • Makes payments to affiliate the club to the relevant leagues
  • Issues receipts/invoices and deposits all monies received in the club's bank accounts
  • Makes all approved payments and invoices groups/members promptly
  • Acts as the signatory to the club’s bank accounts.
  • Helps to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required (e.g. VAT returns, PAYE and NI returns, grant submissions and gift aid reports)

Youth Section Manager - Lucy Ireland

Club Safeguarding Officer - Claire Kilby

  • Ensure that all objectives for the youth section as listed in club development plan are met
  • Ensures Parent Infomation on website is up to date and co-ordinates any pre-season events
  • Act as first point of contact for parents with any administrative issues such as Play-Cricket, Spond or Membership. 
  • Makes coaches are aware of all trials and talent sessions & primary club liaison with the County Board
  • Ensure all qualifications (Coaching, first aid, safeguarding) are up to date and liaises with the Club Welfare Officer to ensure all Criminal Record Bureau checks are up to date in the SafeHands Management System.
  • Organises pre-season coaching meeting to cover all teams.
  • Encourages members to pursue coaching qualifications.
  • Ensures all Junior Members & Parents recorded in Spond & Play-Cricket in line with club data policy.
  • Claire's Role is one of the most important in the club and as a result, it is covered in more detail HERE

Ladies Captain - Vacant

  • Attending committee meetings
  • Captaining the women's side in matches and delegating responsibility for this when she cannot play.
  • Ultimate responsibility for all women’s playing matters and relevant club development plan objectives
  • Member of selection committee to ensure female player interests represented 
  • Drives female player performance, player movement, player progression 
  • Feeds into the coaching for ladies training nights co-ordinating player opinions. 
  • Ensures all selected players are members of the club
  • Visible member of the club to all ages, especially the female players. 
  • Ensures all play-cricket results, match reports and scorecards are completed and accurate prior to deadlines

1st XI Captain - James Newman, 2nd XI Captain - Vacant  & 3rd XI Captain - James Bryant,

Sunday Captain - Tristan Stephens

  • Attend Committee Meetings representing the views of their squads. 
  • Work to achieve playing objectives outlined in the Club Development Plan. 
  • Attend weekly selection meetings whether remotely or in person to liaise with other Captains and adhere to club's selection policy
  • Communicate Fixture details including meeting times to teams to both selected players and any umpires or the opposition as required. 
  • Ensures selected teams entered into Play-Cricket ahead of games, and that where relevant, players are registered with leagues and current members of the club. 
  • Ensures Play-Cricket results are either entered or confirmed/entered accurately with no missing details, prior to league deadlines. 
  • Ensures playing costs on day are paid and any invoices to the Treasurer 
  • Ensures all play upholds the Spirit of Cricket and law of the game including any applicable league rules. 
  • Ensures a welcoming atmosphere for all players, with any opposing players well looked after at home games, idealy buying the opposition and any umpires a beverage after the game. 
  • Ensures any young players selected are looked after in line with Club Safeguarding Policies. 
  • Represent the club on and off the pitch as a leader.