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Club Jobs & Google Group


There are always Jobs that need doing for the club whether this is getting fuel or cutting the outfield. The committee uses a software called Trello to organise itself and we have expanded that out to a club board listing the jobs that need doing as and when. 

The Various Club Committees will always keep this site updated as to what needs doing week to week. Please have a look at the boards and where you think you can handle something., please just say so on the job. Equally ask any questions.  Just click on the picture to the right and the Trello board will open up. 

It's a bit clunky and takes some getting used to. (May be easier to sort yourself a login and download the Trello app) but there has been perfectly legimate criticism of the committee that many in the club don't know what needs doing so we hope this addresses that. If you are doing a job, please move it to the underway column and when done, the completed one. 

Also to try and involve as many people as possible, we have a Google Group for the club for members to join and be aware of whatever issues are currently going on in the club. We want to try and move as much communication as possible off Spond and WhatsApp but retain the ease of communication people can opt in and out of. 

Please Click on the logo to the right and the group should open up.