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Play-Cricket Registration For Parents & Children

For the 2022 season, the ECB has mandated that all young players must be registed in the ECB's Play-Cricket database.  For those under the age of 16, it is necessary for you as parents to have an account which you then add your child or children to.

We wish that we could do this for you however the system has made this impossible. We are here to offer whatever support we can  to help you through this process. It is worth doing for your children as it means that for as long as they personally play cricket, their record can follow them and it has become a requirement for youth leagues now.

Young players aged 16+ may set up their own accounts and when players reach this age they may take on their own account from parents and guardians

The ECB has produced step by step guides to aid this process. 

For parents & guardians to initially add themselves you can find the details HERE 

Once you have done the above, you need to create new accounts for your children to add to your  profile and manage and this can be found HERE

If you have any problems at all with this process, please contact Will Bathurst HERE