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Poulton Cricket Club Health & Safety Policy


Poulton Cricket Club is Strongly committed to ensuring the health, well-being & safety of our members while undertaking all cricket related activities. 

To support our health & safety policy statement we are committed to the following duties. 

  • We will undertake regular, recorded risk assessment of the club premises as well as all activities undertaken by the club
  • We will create a safe environment by putting health & safety measures in place as identified by assessments
  • We will ensure that all our members are given the appropriate level of training and compeitition by regularly assessing individual ability dependent on age, maturity and development
  • We will also ensure that all members are aware of this and all other club policies in order to understand and follow them. 
  • We make clear the normal operating and emergency procedures for the club with these also known by all members. 
  • We will provide access to First Aid Facilities and initiate a programme to increase the number of qualified first aiders in the club and make sure that all 'away' teams will travel with their own first aid kits. 
  • We will report all injuries and accidents during any club activity and record these in the club accident book in the pavilion. 
  • We will ensure that implementation of this policy is reviewed regularly and monitored for effectiveness. 
  • We will make certain the club equipment avaialble to members for use is correctly serviced and maintained where applicable such as the outdoor nets and bowling machine.  
  • We will work with our landlords to ensure that all alarms, fire extinguishers, boilers and water tanks are inspected for safety as regularly as is necessary. 

All of members have a duty of care to 

  • Take reasonable care of 1) their own health and safety and 2) the heath and safety of others who may be affected by what you as a member do or do not do. 
  • Co-operate with the club on all matters related to health and safety. 
  • Correctly use all equipment provided. 
  • Not misuse or interfere with anything provided by the club for your health & safety or welfare. 

First Aid & Emergency Procedure. 

  • Our First Aid box is located in the kitchen of the pavilion at Englands with smaller kits with team Captains. 
  • Please ensure that if there is an accident, details of this are filled out on the accident report forms located in the first aid cupboard. 
  • Access to the ground for Ambulances can be made via the gate to the rear of the pavilion. 
  • If any First Aid Kit is used, please ensure that this is reported to the club's welfare team (PoultonWelfare@gmail.com) and the club Treasurer (PoultonTreasurer@gmail.com) so that it can be replaced. 

Qualified First Aiders:

A list of first aiders will be published here in due course.