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Club Kit Exchange Launches for 2022 Season

Club Kit Exchange Launches for 2022 Season

31 Jan 2022

The club committee is accutely aware of the costs of being the parent of a child playing cricket. For the 2022 season we have frozen the cost of one child playing at Poulton and introduced family memberships to cap the costs for families where both parents and children play.

On top of these easier methods, we are also looking at a variety of ways we can help reduce other costs and one of these is to make use of the new website to offer a page where Parents can offload the kit their children have grown out of or no longer need. If you have some cricket gear kicking around the house and would either like to sell it or simply find a home for it, please take a picture of it and send this into (click here) along with a description of it and any price desired and we will list it on the new Kit Exchange page for other parents to see. 

On the other side If any parents see something that might suit your children on the kit exchange page, please just also contact the same email address and we'll facilitate the exchange or sale. 

We are also looking into working with our new shirt partners Frank Water to send cricket gear out to India & Nepal for the children  in villages where they install drinking water. More on this soon, we are looking into the feasibility of this.