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Membership Fees Changes for 2022

10 Dec 2021

For the 2022 Season the club agreed at the 2021 AGM to bring in more membership options for the club aimed at making more use of the 25% Gift Aid we qualify for as a registered charity.

Our goal is to strike a careful balance between offering cost-effective cricket to our members and also creating a reserve fund for future unexpected projects. We also want to offer more club socials & continue investing in our two facilities and equipment. It is proposed that members of the club are offered drinks at a discount in the bar for the 2022 Season.

Annual Club costs have averaged £15k per annum for the last six seasons but membership fees have only covered £6.6k of this in 2021 with the club arguably not collecting approximately 11k in due membership in the 2015-2019 seasons and membership fees reduced to £5 in 2020 although costs remained consistent.

Given this, In the 2021 season, we could not provide teas but charged £5 per game for long matches to contribute towards the cost of balls, umpires and league fees. This helped balance the books for the year bringing in over £1k in a year we also completed the new nets project.

In the 2022 season we hope to offer teas again and all match fees collected will be to cover the cost of these. If we do not provide teas, there will be no match fee.

For the 2022 season, The following changes were agreed

  1. Increased Senior Membership subscription rates
  2. New Student/Unemployed Membership rates.
  3. New Family Membership Rates capping costs for large families who play.
  4. New Social Membership rates.
  5. New reductions in Membership fees for those who volunteer as on the ground or as coaches, bar volunteers, scorers & umpires
  6. Increased Match fees for those who do not pay membership fees to play for the club in order to cover their insurance when playing and contribute to costs.

More Details of these sub rates can be found in the respective sections. 

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